Kaposia Terrace Apartments

1028 8th Avenue
South St. Paul, MN 55075

Number of Units: 48

Project Type 
Acquisition / Substantial Rehabilitation

Target Market
Multi-Family Rental Apartments —
(100% Low Income Housing Tax Credit)

Project Narrative

Originally built in the 1960′s, the Rose Apartments consists of four 2 1/2 story walk-up apartments with twelve 2-bedroom units in each building. At the time of acquisition the property was in desperate need of repair and in serious threat of condemnation. The rehab included complete replacement of the mechanical systems, windows, roofs, and replacement of all interior cabinets, doors, flooring, and fixtures.

Services Provided

Property Acquisition
Project Administration
Design / Construction Supervision
Project Marketing
Property Management

Project Data

Type of Unit: 2 1 /2 – Story Walk-up Apartments
Number of Units: 48
Number of Buildings: 4
Total Site Area: 1.56 Acres