Hazelwood Terrace

1100-1300 Hazelwood
St. Paul, MN 55102

Number of Units: 99

Project Type 
Acquisition / Substantial Rehabilitation

Target Market
Multi-Family Rental Apartments / Townhomes –
(73% Low income Housing Tax Credit / 27% Market Rate)

Project Narrative

The Hazelwood Terrace project was the fourth Phase of the Ames Lake neighborhood redevelopment. The Hazelwood Terrace buildings, which were originally built in the 1960’s, had multiple owners and were in desperate need of repairs. The substantial rehabilitation plans called for the replacement of a condemned garage and the combination of one-bedroom units into a two story three-bedroom unit. The end result was a reduction from 108 one and two bedroom units to 99 one, two and three bedroom units.

Services Provided

Property Acquisition
Design / Construction Supervision
Tenant Relocation
Project Marketing
Project Administration
Property Management

Project Data

Type of Unit: 2 ½ story walk-up apartments, 2 story townhomes
Number of Units: 99
Number of Buildings: 9
Total Site Area: 3.38 Acres